Ant Esports ICE-100 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet


The Ant Esports ICE-100 is a mid-tower cabinet that seamlessly combines a bevy of gaming-centric features such as high airflow, multiple storage options, and USB 3.0 connectivity. Supporting up to ATX motherboard and ample fan mounts the ICE-100 is perfect for building mainstream gaming systems without compromising on essential features. Two 140mm static rainbow fans in the front and a single 120mm at the back come out of the box while the case can support a maximum of six 120mm fans simultaneously to provide the ideal airflow for your cooling solutions. Supporting up to three 2.5” SSDs and two 3.5” HDDs at the same time the ICE-100 ensures ample storage options to build the perfect machine for gaming or editing work alike. In terms of liquid cooling the ICE-100 can house upto a 280mm liquid cooler in the front while air coolers of up to 159mm are easily supported so you can build a budget for a mainstream gaming PC with ease inside the case while keeping all your high TDP components cool at all times. With a graphics card of up to 310mm supported without any hassle and a rich IO panel equipped with two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port along with the standard connectivity options make the Ant Esports ICE-100 the perfect choice for every system builder.
  • Unique Front Panel – A semi-mesh front panel provides a unique look to the product while offering a direct airflow path to keep all your components cool even under full load.
  • Magnetic Dust Filters – The ICE-100 comes with a magnetic dust filter on the top for easy cleaning as well as for a cleaner interior in every operating condition.
  • Ample of Cooling Support – In terms of cooling the case can support up to a 280mm radiator in the front along with 159mm clearance for even tall CPU air coolers.
  • Multiple storage locations – The ICE-100 allows the installation of up to three SSDs and two HDDs making it ideal for a budget and mainstream gaming PC.
  • Three A-RGB Fans – The case comes with two 140mm in the front and a single 120mm A-RGB fan in the back pre-installed, not only offering hassle-free installation but also providing high value for money by bringing down your total build cost.