Ant Esports ICE-C612 With RGB LED PWM CPU Cooler


8 Ant Esports ICE-C612 CPU air cooler brings high-end performance to the budget segment with its unique tunnel effect layout combined with high static pressure 120mm fan. The tower cooler design uses four 6mm copper heat pipes and a flat milled base plate for effective heat transfer from the CPU and the tunnel effect fin layout ensures mini vortex formations for optimum cooling. qPaired with a 120mm ARGB PWM fan that is rated at a max 2000 RPM delivers a massive 84.5CFM at just 37dBA to create high static pressure that is enough to cool down high TDP chips 8 Not only is the fan great at cooling but also comes with dual diffused LED rings that deliver even and bright illumination inside the case without causing any irritation to the eyes. With a low profile height of 155mm and wide compatibility across AMD and Intel platforms alike the ICE-C612 is universally compatible and capable of keeping even the hottest chips out there within the safe limits in the tightest of spaces. 8 w
  1. Direct Contact Technology - 4 heat pipes with Direct Contact Technology effectively provide excellent heat dissipation.
  2. PWM Silent Fan - Automatically controls the fan speed according to the temperature of the CPU efficiently and decreases fan noise.
  3. RGB Illumination - With a vision of revolutionizing a whole new frontier of cooling performance, we introduce Ant Esports ICE- C 612 with RGB LED PWM Fan to give you an absolute visual treat.
  4. Optimized Fin Design - Aluminum Fin Array with Tunnel Effect layout creates micro vortices that boost the airflow and circulate it around the heat pipes.
  5. High-Performance Heat Pipes - C612 is equipped with four 6mm heat pipes which are a key component for high cooling performance