Ant Esports GP110R Wired Gamepad


The Ant Esports GP110R Gamepad is designed with precision and made for excellence.

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The Ant Esports GP110R Gamepad is designed with precision and made for excellence. Made with premium-grade plastic and textured rubber grips on the joysticks the GP110R ensures solid build quality and to-the-point precision, especially in one on one battles where joystick control is of prime importance.

A transparent shell made out of premium-grade plastic gives a glimpse of the insides making the GP110R a geek’s dream come true! The ergonomically constructed shell makes it fit in every hand and can be used for marathon gaming sessions by offering a higher degree of comfort and breathability to avoid sweating in the palms.

Plug-and-play USB 2.0 interface and multiple mode support for Xinput, Direct Input, and Android make it the perfect choice for PC, console, and mobile gamers alike.

  • Unique Appearance – The GP110R has a transparent outer shell made out of premium-grade plastic to give you a glimpse of the inner circuitry and rumbling motors, making the gamepad perfect for every geek and setup!
  • Dual Vibrators - Gaming Controller Vibrating motors are embedded in the side grips and deliver distinct feedback during the game, enhancing the immersion and realism of the game scenarios. Bring you a fantastic gaming experience, to take your games to the next level.
  • Perfect Operation Design - Asymmetrical design of the joysticks is based on ergonomics and designed for the most comfortable thumb position. Ensure you have optimal feelings when playing
  • Wide Compatibility - Start playing right after getting the gamepad in your hands. The USB cable extends 2 meters long (6.5 feet) and with wide compatibility ranging from Play Station 3, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android, you never have to worry about the platform you are gaming upon.
  • Customizable TURBO - Customize turbo plus any button to release players’ fingers and destroy your enemies with a mere one press.