Ant Esports GM320 Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse


Harness the power of wireless gaming with the Ant Epsorts GM320 Pro 2.4Ghz wireless gaming mouse.


Harness the power of wireless gaming with the Ant Epsorts GM320 Pro 2.4Ghz wireless gaming mouse. An ergonomic design with integrated thumb rest offers ultimate comfort while a 2.4Ghz wireless connection offers hassle free performance without worrying about messy wires tangles.

Loaded with a 300mAh rechargeable battery the GM320 Pro can last upto a week on a single charge so you can game more and not worry about drained out battery. A 2.4Ghz connection ensures lag free performance making it ideal for professionals and casual gamers alike who want the best hardware to compliment their skills. The GM320 Pro can work both in wireless and wired mode making it a versatile wireless solution.

DPI ranges from 1200DPI to 3200DPI and can be changed on the go via a single button so you have the ideal sensitivity as per the need of the moment. The integrated thumb rest offers comfort to your palms while gaming or even official work and the RGB lights can be chosen from seven presets to match the one as per your taste and needs. Universal compatibility and a plug and play nature makes the GM320 Pro ideal for any platform and every workload.

  • Light Weight Design – The GM320 Pro weighs in only at 90gm due to its honey comb shell design and makes it ideal for FPS gaming where quick movement is the key along with offering an ergonomic design for supreme comfort to the wrist.
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless Connectivity – Via a USB dongle the mouse uses 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity with a range of upto 10m. This ensures lag free connectivity so you don’t miss out on any action on the battlefield and have the perfect weapon to compliment your skills.
  • Long Battery Life – A 300mAh on-board rechargeable battery can last you through your gaming sessions with ease on a single charge while the mouse only takes 2 hours to charge fully when fully drained out.
  • Wired Mode – Ant Esports GM320 Pro can be used in wired mode too when needed so one can enjoy wireless aswell as wired connectivity whenever the need be, possibly in case of a drained out mouse before an impromptu gaming session.
  • Wide DPI Range and Compatibility – Starting from mere 1200DPI the GM320 Pro goes all the way upto 3200DPI via a single button so one can switch the DPI as per need on the go for maximum accuracy. The mouse is universally compatible and can be used not only with Microsoft Windows but also with Mac OS and Linux!