Ant Esports FP550B BRONZE Force series power supply


1 The Ant Esports FP550B is designed to strike the perfect balance between reliable performance and affordable pricing. Build with low-noise capacitors and transforms the unit comes with 80+ Bronze certification leaving no stone unturned. Flat black cables and stealth black design ensures easier wire management along with perfect gel in any system theme. d Coming with a silent 120mm fan that spins consistently keeps the unit cool even under full load making the FP500B perfect for gamers who value silent performance so that they can concentrate on their game all the time. The single 12V rail design is highly reliable and making it ideal for systems that have high power consumption. g Force Series – The Ant Esports Force series is built to last and aimed to succeed. Driven by the clear aim to offer cutting-edge performance at affordable pricing each unit is 80+ Bronze certified so that you enjoy lower electricity bills and higher efficiency at all times. With the Force in your system, you’ll have the peace of mind to emerge victorious in every battler. d